Hi, My name is Heather Hamm

I’m a homeschooling mom. I’ve been homeschooling for eight years and through the ups and downs I know that it has been the best decision we have made for our family. I hope to show you that homeschooling is not a superpower, but it can be incredibly empowering.

I also find great joy in teaching fitness classes and creating in the kitchen and in my home. As a homeschooling mom I have found it is so important to find your own outlet and find time for those passions. It can be tricky to find a balance between teaching your children and indulging in your hobbies, but I’ve found that as I do, I’m a much happier mother and wife and my children and husband are happier as well. Here you will find what I have done as a homeschooling mom to stay sane as well as tricks of the trade in order to homeschool.

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