Lazy and Disorganized

writing-a-letter2-1Dear Savvy Homeschooler, I am holding myself back. I think that I would be too lazy to actually teach them anything. I’m also not organized enough to get it all together.




Dear Lazy and Disorganized-

I totally hear you! I go through ebbs and flows of laziness and being organized myself. I can assure you that the qualifications for a homeschooler are not crazy amounts of energy and being on this years cover of Real Simple magazine as an organizational goddess. Do those things help? FOR SURE! But one thing I’ve learned on this homeschool journey is how to overcome my laziness…most of the time. I still have days where I don’t want to hear my children, let alone teach them anything.


There are times where laying in bed and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls sounds like a much better idea. And as for the organizational trait, that is still a work in progress too. As soon as I seem to have things figured out, my family seems to find a way to destroy my efforts. Just getting real here!

So how can you homeschool if you are lazy and disorganized? You just do. There are approximately 1,576,516 children that are homeschooled and that number is constantly growing. You cannot tell me that every single one of those parents that homeschool these kids are all organized and never have moments of laziness. These parents have just made the decision to educate at home and do the best they can do. And guess what?? They are doing a pretty amazing job!

There are always tricks to help you become more organized and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. The fact is that some of us have a talent for being organized while some of us will always struggle with it. Do the best you can and keep trying. If something doesn’t work, try it one more time and if it doesn’t work again, move on and try something else. You haven’t failed at being organized! It just means that method wasn’t for you and your family. As a heads up, the same principle applies to homeschool materials and methods!

As for being lazy, don’t get caught in the comparison game. You might feel like some moms and/or dads have so much energy that when you compare yourself to them you start to feel a bit like a slug.



No one wants to feel like a slug. So stop the comparison game and do what you can.

On your lazy days, make sure your kids have a set routine so they know what subjects they need to get done on their own. A common misconception about homeschooling is that the parent has to be standing in front of the child for 6-8 hours a day. While some might find this works for them at home, it doesn’t work for most. Teach your child to be a self-learner. They still might have questions, but most of the time, if given the opportunity, they can figure it out for themselves.

Once they finish their independent work, have educational books on hand for them to read. Movies that teach are another great resource. I personally have a whole cabinet full of educational games that my kids can turn to whenever there is a down moment, but I still want them to be learning something.

It’s also important to note that the thing I hear most from brand new homeschooling families is that they feel like their child is not doing enough schoolwork. They can’t possibly imagine that it can take under 2 hours to get everything done. But guess what?! It’s true!! So much time is wasted at school! In the earlier grades, school at home can quite easily be finished in under an hour. Middle to upper elementary can take closer to 2 hours, less or more depending on the motivation of your student. Middle school and high school can take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on what they are studying and different projects they might be involved in.

So take comfort in knowing that your child can still learn what they “need” to in a much shorter amount of time.

So don’t let your fear of laziness and organization become your deciding factor for not homeschooling. There are amazing resources out there to help you be a successful homeschooling family. You just have to do some research, jump in with both feet and be willing to learn and grow right along side with your kids.








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