Dear Clash

What do I do if I “clash” with one of my kids when it comes to teaching them things?

child-fight“Clashing” with your kid or kids is a totally valid concern. When faced with a head- strong child or a child that has a learning disability can leave you ready to throw your hands up in the air screaming “I GIVE UP!!!” This scenario often times takes place even when you have your child in school, so how in the world are you supposed to have them home all day and expect to educate them?

Thankfully, when you homeschool, you have a lot more freedom with what and how you educate your child vs. what and how the public school forces you to teach them. The following is a list of ways to approach a child that is struggling with you teaching them or learning in general.

  • Reevaluate educational materials being used. Is your child maybe bored with the curriculum? Is the curriculum not stimulating enough? Or maybe it’s over stimulating. The good news about homeschooling is you are not married to one curriculum! You can switch if what you have selected isn’t working. Give it a couple of tries and if it’s not working… move on! My daughter has ADD and over the years has used 4 different math programs. I have loved that we can change things up if we need to.
  • Take a small break. We all can become overwhelmed and sometimes we just take-a-breakneed to step away for a little bit, take a breath outside for a minute and then come back. I want to emphasize “small” break. No more than 10 minutes should do. You don’t want to become so side tracked that the work doesn’t get done. But if you both feel that you are about to lose your cool, take a step back, regain your composure and then try again.
  • Find some outside help. I am very blessed to have a husband that is very supportive of me homeschooling our children and that he understands things can get stressful with the kiddos. On days where I’m not meshing well with one our offspring, he comes home and takes over to help get things done. If you don’t have that option find a tutor. If you can’t find one locally, guess what? There are actually online tutors. Pretty awesome, right?!
  • Maybe rethink your education technique/learning style. Some kids learn really well with workbooks and textbooks, where other kids might need a more bookshands on approach. It might take a little more research on your end as the parent, but if it helps your child learn, why not try it? Hands on, real life experiences can be just as educational, if not more so, than textbooks and workbooks.
  • Sometimes you just have to enforce the suck it up method. There are plenty of times in life when we have to do things we don’t want to do but need to get done. It’s not always fun to have to do this technique, but there will be times where your child just doesn’t want do the work. To bad, so sad! It just needs to get done. There might be tears, but stick it out! They’ll figure it out.

family-pic-1These are just a few ideas of how to help you get through some of the tough days when you just aren’t quite melding with your child. Every parent has “clashing” moments with their kids, some more than others. It’s how we handle those moments that can define our educational experience as a family. You will find that not only will you learn secular materials along side with your kids, but you will also learn patience, self-discipline, confidence, cooperation, determination, flexibility, as well as a whole host of other virtuous traits that will help you develop a stronger relationship with each of your children.



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