Stop the Comparison Game

Today on Facebook, a mom vocalized her concern about her children not getting the same experience as public schoolers.

What sparked this concern was she was sitting in an empty park during the middle of the day while her children played on the playground.

She started to think that her children might be happier on a playground at school playing with their peers vs. playing on a quiet playground with siblings.

The grass is always greener right?

If her children were in school, the thought might come to mind that she wished her children had more time together as a family.

As homeschool parents, in order to be successful, you have got to STOP the comparison game!

So often I hear parents say,

“Well…in public school they are learning …”

Well, guess what?!

In your home, your children are learning things that public schoolers aren’t learning!

That’s the awesome thing about learning!

There will always be “gaps” no matter what you decide to do.

Example: You might decide that during fifth grade you want your child to learn about the Civil War, but the school down the street decides those fifth graders should be learning about the Grand Canyon. That doesn’t mean that your child isn’t going to be successful in life because he didn’t learn about the Grand Canyon in fifth grade. Learn about it in 6th grade or maybe you already learned about it in 3rd grade.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

You have got to stop comparing and not just with public school vs. homeschool.

You need to stop comparing what your homeschool experience looks like compared to what another family’s homeschool experience looks like.

There is such incredible diversity in the realm of homeschool.

They shouldn’t all look the same!

This is what makes education at home so amazing!

You can tailor your experience to your family!

So stop comparing and enjoy learning.

Know that your family is uniquely made and the bonds you are making through this experience will be for your benefit and make you all stronger individually and as a family.



  1. Jane says:

    It is so easy to compare! Good food for thought, Heather!

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