Dear Cha-Ching

Dear Savvy Homeschooler,

How much do you usually spend on homeschooling curricula and supplies? Do you get any tax breaks at all since your kids don’t attend public school?


Dear Cha-Ching,

This is a great question, but the answer varies greatly.

The amount I spend each year totally depends on the budget we set for me to spend.

Sometimes I will come up with a wish list with necessities on one side and extras on the other and then sit down with my husband and go over what we are able to afford.

I want to point out though that you actually don’t need to spend any money to homeschool.

There are a million free resources out there!

All you have to do is Google what you are looking for and put the word “free” in front of your search and you will find more than what you will ever need.

But I feel like that can sometimes take a little more work to piece everything together. Personally I usually don’t have the time for that. I like just ordering a curriculum and being ready to go.

This year I probably spent close to $350, but that is for 4 children. I do have a good supply of other materials I’ve collected over the years though.

Some of the materials that I ordered this year actually have less expensive PDF versions of their product that you can print off yourself. I prefer to have a hard copy of everything, but it is totally an option.

If you are finding that you want some educational materials that don’t fit within your budget, there are SOME programs offered by SOME states that will provide funding for your school supplies.

They take the tax dollars that would go towards your child in a public school and allow you to use a portion of those dollars to go towards alternative education.

Just know that this often comes with strings attached and those strings, depending on the state, can be very short.

These programs tend to fall under the umbrella of a public school and you usually have to report to a certified teacher each week and turn in work samples on a regular basis to stay compliant to receive your funding.

In some states, it’s pretty low key, while others it can seem like a full-time job to keep up with the amount of paperwork they want you to fill out.

So make sure you know all the details before signing on the dotted line. There will also be hard-core homeschoolers that might tell you that by receiving state funding that you are not an actual homeschooler. That’s not true.


You are still controlled by the school system and the government.

I will leave that for you to decide. I can see both sides and have experienced being in a program where I receive funding and have been outside of programs. Both have their pros and cons.

As for tax breaks, I’m sad to say as of right now, there are not. It is incredibly frustrating, but it is what it is.

I know there are homeschool advocates out there fighting to change that, but so far the answer is no. The closest you can get is using those umbrella programs that I talked about earlier.

But don’t let that deter you.

You can spend next to nothing or have a top tier budget and your child will still receive a great education. It just takes a little searching, planning, and the knowledge that


Who knows your children better than you?

And monetary provisions shouldn’t be a reason to not homeschool. In our day and age where we have every bit of knowledge right at our fingertips.

We just have to look! So tell yourself I WAS MADE FOR THIS and then start believing it!

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