A Mental Shift Part 1

I think one of the hardest shifts for most new homeschoolers is to stop thinking like a public schooler. Unless you were raised as a homeschooler, then all that you know and are familiar with is the public school mindset. We have been fed our entire lives that this is what we do.

When we turn five, we go to kindergarten. With my oldest daughter, there was even tons of pressure that she NEEDS to be in preschool or how will she possibly be ready to enter kindergarten. It was like we were preparing her for law or medical school, but it was kindergarten!

So much pressure!

And guess what?!

I fell for it!

I asked and researched to find the best preschool in our area and I enrolled her. We paid a crazy amount of money each month for her to go learn her colors, write her ABC’s and be “properly” socialized with a bunch of other kids her own age. It was a shock to me when I found out while she was learning to write her ABC’s that they were improperly teaching her how to write certain letters because she wasn’t getting it “fast” enough and so they made it easier for her. It took me YEARS to correct that!

And let’s talk about socialization!

She came home with name-calling, anger, and an unhealthy concern about what she should be wearing.

So why was I doing it?

Because that’s what we do!

We send our kids away and hope for the best, thinking that this is the way society has done it and has told me to do it for years and so it must be the best way.

So here it is…the first mental shift we have to make.

The idea, the notion, that it’s o.k. that I don’t send my kid to preschool. And can I maybe take it a step further and say that it’s ok that I don’t send them to kindergarten. Now I know at first this might strike some different levels of varying emotions in you.


Anger that I am even suggesting this!


Confused as to why we’ve been told that this is how we do things.


Fear that what I am saying might be true and what do I do now!

Don’t stress!

These feelings are all normal.

But if you’re still reading this and your brain is reeling with the beginnings of this mental shift that I am walking you through then stay tuned for part 2 of this mental shift series.

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How to Start Homeschooling


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