Mental Shift Part 2

When I left you last, I wrote about the idea that we don’t need to send our kids to preschool, dare I say kindergarten.

This idea is the first step towards the mental shift that can be very difficult to move towards.

The next shift we need to make is the shift that we might not be smart enough to educate our children. So many of us, ESPECIALLY women, feel inadequate to teach our own children.

Why is that?

Who has told us that?

And why do we believe it?

In our day and age, when the world is out to empower us all, do we feel so strongly that we can’t teach our children?

We have every available resource at our fingertips… literally!

Most of us have access to smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. and yet we fear we won’t be able to fill their minds with knowledge.

We have been fed the notion that books can no longer be the teacher, that every ounce of education must be spoon-fed or they couldn’t possibly learn anything.

When I made the leap into homeschooling, I’ll be honest. I totally thought that I had to stand in front of my kids for 8 hours a day for them to learn anything.

This I learned is 100% FALSE!

Starting out I micromanaged my kids and it turned into frustration and tears for all of us. It wasn’t until I took a step back and realized that once they could read, the world opened up to them!

They devoured knowledge and still do. Sometimes they need a little encouragement and maybe a little help to understand a concept and that is where most people, moms, and dads, freak out.

Take a deep breath.

It’s going to be o.k.

No one knows everything.

Teachers don’t know everything!

SHOCKER, I know!!

But remember how I mentioned those awesome devices? This is where they can become so useful. You don’t have to know EVERYTHING!

The inter-web is an amazing resource. Anytime one of my children wants to know about something or how something works, we turn to the internet. I literally go to Google, type in the question, and thousands of resources are available within seconds. Articles will pop up, titles of books to read on the subject will appear. I always have my phone on me and can type in our question or even ask Siri.

So fabulous!

What’s cool too is that my children aren’t the only ones learning. I get to learn right alongside them. And for those extra hard questions, there are online tutors.

It’s darn right AWESOME!!!

So now that I’ve addressed the issue of filling your child’s head with knowledge, we can let go of those insecurities. The world would have you feel that you are not enough, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a moment and say to yourself . . .


And no one is more dedicated to your child’s success than you!

Now start believing it! Who knows your children better than you? You were given these special little people because they were meant to be yours and you have it within you to know exactly what they need to be taught. The trick is to make that mental shift, live it, and know it.

So we have covered the mental shift of not sending your child to preschool or even “GASP” kindergarten and now just made the shift that we are capable and empowered to educate our kids. I can’t wait to share our next mental shift! Stay tuned!


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