Our Homeschool Routine

One of the questions I get asked most often is “what does your homeschool day look like?”

First, let me start off by saying that I am a classic Type A personality. I CRAVE having things well planned out and in order. I’ve learned over the years though that too much planning just doesn’t work for our homeschool family.

Of course, I didn’t know this when I first started out homeschooling.

I did everything that a classic first time homeschooling mom does. First I created the homeschool room with the maps, charts, desks, individual bins for each subject, etc. Then as the OCD mom that I am, I created a timed out chart that I placed in my thoughtfully planned out, spent way too much money on, schoolroom.

And then as life happened, especially with little babies, I found that my littlest children don’t know how to read schedules.

I’m laughing out loud as I write this.

They don’t know when it’s reading time vs. feeding time. And my school-age child might need more time to finish a math assignment or need a moment to have an extra long snuggle “sesh” with mommy while reading a book together.

Not using our school room like we “should” and not following our well planned out schedule left me in tears and feeling like a massive failure. No one should ever feel that way! And over a self-made schedule no less.

So at a critical moment in our homeschool journey, I decided to go rogue.  I threw everything I thought homeschooling was supposed to look like out the window.


Because my type A personality hasn’t gone away, we do still have to have some order or I will go crazy! With that being said, I have learned to be a little more flexible and a little better at giving GRACE to myself and my family.

We have been following a checklist model for years now. It works so much better for us and our lifestyle.

My children all know that they need to accomplish the items on their list. They have the freedom to complete that checklist as they wish and where they wish.

This means that we don’t have a dedicated schoolroom. I LOVE that they can do school at the kitchen table, at a desk, or at the coffee table.

This also means that they can get up early and finish everything and the rest of the day is theirs. OR they can sleep in and finish everything once they wake up.

The choice is theirs and it works for us.

Just remember, this is what works for our family. If you try it and it doesn’t fit, that’s ok. You didn’t fail. You just didn’t find the right homeschool method for you and you can try a different one.

No biggie!

Love that about homeschooling!

The ability to keep trying until you find what works!

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