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To help ensure the success of your homeschool, creating a notebook for yourself and each child is vital. Children thrive on routine, so regardless of your homeschool style, having a place that they can go to to find out what is going on is HUGE. This notebook can be the same notebook that holds any/all of their assignments, finished work, etc. but at the front of their notebook it should feature their schedule, weekly checklist, and required weekly chores.

As for your notebook, it should contain everything that you’ve completed thus far in becoming a successful Savvy Homeschooler, a hard copy of everything that is in your child’s notebook as well as the attendance record, calendar and meal plan.
The attendance record, calendar and meal plan are all on this post in downloadable links.

Attendance Record:
Some states, by law, require you to record attendance. I encourage you, even if it’s not required, to record what days you are doing school in case you are ever questioned about what you are doing.

There is a fair amount of planing that takes place with homeschooling and a calendar is essential. Make sure you write down a list of field trips you want to take and plan them or they won’t happen.
Don’t forget important appointments either. Those still need to happen!

Meal Plan:
Meal planning is so important. It’s easy in the homeschool world to be working in the afternoon and then all of a sudden it’s dinner time and you have NO idea what to make. Save yourself some hassle by having it planned out in advance. It takes a little bit of time, but it’s worth it!

Now that your almost done completing this program, it does not mean that you can just sit back and say to yourself,

“Now I am a successful homeschooler.”

The materials provided in this guide are tools. If you leave the tools in the toolbox nothing will happen. You need to take them out and actively use them. Then, and only then, will you start to see the pieces come together and something beautiful start to take shape. You might find hiccups along the way, but that’s to be expected.

Don’t despair!

Don’t give up!

You can do this!

Take advantage of online support groups. Ask questions. Talk about your frustrations. Get extra motivation from parents who have or are currently going through what you’re going through. And don’t forget about contacting me, The Savvy Homeschooler, directly. I offer consultations, a one on one conversation, just you and me to help you with any struggles, insecurities, or questions you might have! I will send you a questionnaire, you will fill it out and send it back to me with any additional questions you might have and we can figure it all out together over the phone or Skype. If this is something that you are interested in, email me and I can send you more information regarding these coaching sessions.

So don’t worry!

I’ve still got you covered!

By making this investment in your homeschooling success, you can be assured that YES you CAN do this and you are not alone!

So put all of your tools in a place where you can access them easily and regularly, and refer to them often. Let them help with time management for yourself and your children. Let them be a constant reminder of what you are doing and why. Let them motivate you on those rough days.

As you strive to use the tools provided you will find yourself on your way to becoming a

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