"If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family."

-Mother Teresa

Our Routine & Curriculum

One of the questions I get asked most often is "what does your homeschool day look like?" 

If you want to read about how we came to our routine you can check out the blog post here

Our routine goes as follows...


We have a flow. Sometimes that flow looks like a routine, but each day can look different and by having a flow it allows life to happen.

Each of my children knows what needs to happen each day, what is going on each day, and how to accomplish their tasks within that day. 

If that means they get up earlier so they can go to the lake  at lunch time with friends, then that's what they do. If we watched a movie the night before and were up a little too late, they can sleep in and then still get their work done when they wake up. 

This method allows for life.

And life should be for living without the feeling of guilt that we're not meeting some arbitrary schedule.

So the decision is yours. Maybe you will still want an hour by hour, written out schedule. And that's 100% great! But if you're finding that that's not working for you, try out the flow method. You might just find that it's the bees knees!

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So now that you know we don't follow a scheduled routine, you might be wondering what it is my kids do. Below are links to the resources we are using this year. I write down what they need to do from each program, each day and then they are expected to get it done.

*these are not the only resources we've used over the years, just what we are using this year. 



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